Are Opal Wedding Rings Bad Luck?

Are Opal Wedding Rings Bad Luck?

Welcome to the Temi B blog, where we delve deep into the sparkling world of gemstones and jewelry! Today, we're addressing a question that has intrigued many: Are opal wedding rings bad luck? As a passionate member of the diamond and jewelry industry, I'm excited to share insights and stories, especially from my journey into the business, focusing on the mystical and mesmerizing opal.

A Glimpse into the History of Opal

Opal, with its kaleidoscope of colors, has captivated humans for centuries. This gemstone, famed for its unique color play, has been adorned in jewelry since ancient times. But where did this fascination begin? In my early days exploring the Diamond District, I learned that opals were prized by ancient civilizations, and often associated with luck and magic.

Tracing the 'Bad Luck' Superstition

The belief that opals bring bad luck, especially in wedding rings, is an intriguing superstition. I remember my first encounter with this myth in the Gold and Diamond Collections; it piqued my curiosity. 

Historical records suggest that this notion might have been amplified by literature and folklore, but does it hold any truth?

The Physical Beauty of Opal

Opals are not just any gemstones; they are a symphony of colors and patterns. Their rarity and the Brilliant cut diamonds often paired with them in jewelry make a mesmerizing combination. 

However, opals are also fragile, requiring special care. This fragility often misleads people into believing they're unlucky, a myth I've seen debunked time and again in my career.

Modern Opal Jewelry – A Trendsetter

In the contemporary jewelry scene, opal wedding rings are a trendsetter. Their unique beauty and rarity make them a favorite in TemiB's collections. As a lover of Lab lab-grown diamonds and natural gemstones, I appreciate the artistic craftsmanship that goes into setting these delicate stones into wedding bands.

Debunking the Myth with Personal Stories

Throughout our journey in the diamond business, we’ve encountered many couples who chose opal wedding rings and experienced nothing but joy and love. Their stories are a testament to the fact that superstitions are just that – superstitions. It's the personal meaning and the bond it symbolizes that truly matters.

Cultural Perspectives and Alternatives

Different cultures view opals in various lights. In some, they're symbols of hope and purity, perfect for a matrimonial bond. However, for those still hesitant, TemiB offers an array of alternatives, from Rough diamonds to other Gemstones, each with its unique charm and story.


Opals, with their enchanting beauty, are far from being bearers of bad luck. They are gems that capture stories, emotions, and moments. At Temi B, we celebrate the individuality and stories these gemstones hold. Whether it's an opal or a diamond, each piece in our collection is a testament to the beauty and resilience of love.

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