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Tennis necklace with lab grown diamonds

Tennis necklace with lab grown diamonds

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A lab grown diamond tennis necklace set in 4 prongs
14k yellow gold
8.70ctw lab grown necklace

Diamond Tennis Necklace Womens

 Appear more fashionable during Tennis Matches. Wear a Diamond Necklace built exclusively for Women!

\nA Diamond Tennis Necklace Womens has a continuous strand of Diamonds induced into it, which helps in giving it a classy and enchanting look that captivates you more than you can imagine.  Most are built with diamonds that are small or large. However, at Temi B, we follow a more subtle approach when designing our jewelry. \n \nAt Temi B, our Diamond Tennis Necklace Women are lab grown and made with elegant designs to give you a more alluring and enchanting look. 

Why invest in a Diamond Tennis Necklace?

\nWearing jewelry during live matches may appear hard, but we assure you that it is not really. A Diamond Tennis Necklace Womens maybe the only thing that can make you look fashionable during Tennis Matches, inherently granting you a shiny and promising look.
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